Cultural Resource Management

Cultural resources, including archaeological site and historic standing structures, and traditional cultural properties, are irreplaceable. Federal, state, local, and tribal laws have been enacted by elected officials to govern the management of cultural resources. Environmental compliance requires that you assess and mitigate for adverse impacts to significant cultural resources. Early attention to regulatory compliance for cultural resources is crucial to meeting project deadlines.


Accurately describing your project and the approach you take with regulatory agencies and the public is a careful process that should not be taken lightly. Performing consultation with applicable state and federal agencies on your behalf, is what we do best. In addition, the  successful completion of all phases of cultural resources management and land management for both new construction projects and property renovations will depend on how efficiently you manage your approach to cultural resources..

Typical Cultural Deliverables

  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Architectural and Historical Evaluations and Assessments
  • Native American Tribal Consultation
  • Agency Coordination
  • Literature Review and Background Research
  • National Register of Historic Places Evaluations

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