Transaction Screen Process (TSP)

The Diablo Green Transaction Screen Process service includes:

  • A Transaction Screen report compliant with ASTM Standard E 1528
  • High-quality color report e-mailed to the client
  • A link to download the full report in PDF format
  • Qualified personnel to perform site visit, report preparation, and review
  • Dedicated project manager to ensure project quality and schedule
  • Standard two (2) week turnaround (faster turnaround times available)

Why Should we complete an Environmental Transaction Screen?

The purpose of an Environmental Transaction Screen Process (TSP) “is to define good commercial and customary practice in the United States of America for conducting a transaction screen for a parcel of commercial real estate where the user wishes to conduct limited environmental due diligence (that is, less than a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment).” As noted in the ASTM guidelines for a TSP, if the purpose of completing the environmental due diligence is to qualify for protection under CERCLA, “this practice should not be applied” and a Phase I ESA should be conducted.

An Environmental TSP is generally requested for residential properties, vacant land sites, and new commercial properties where the history of the property designates a relatively undeveloped parcel of land. TSPs are generally requested to provide an overview of the property history as well as to designate if any potential or documented contamination exists in the project area. The TSP will document potential environmental conditions related to the property as well as possible concerns with properties in the area of the property, such as nearby gasoline service stations, dry cleaning operations, hazardous materials sites, etc.


The Scope

The scope of work for the Environmental TSP meets the technical requirements as stated in the ASTM standard for TSPs, updated as of February 1, 2006 (ASTM E 1528). The scope of work for a TSP will include a visual inspection of the condition of the improvement(s) on the subject property, to be conducted by a qualified member of Diablo Green Consulting and supervised by a Senior Level Project Manager. The TSP is limited to a site interview, walk through, color digital photographs, color digital site plans, a review of a regulatory database report, and completion of the Environmental Transaction Screen questionnaire.

The Deliverable

A report will be submitted to the client that conforms to ASTM standards relating to TSPs. TSPs may recommend no further work at a site, or document that further research would be warranted, to include local agency file reviews and/or preparation of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment prepared in conformance with the ASTM E 1527 guidelines.